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Your dog is your fur baby, your furry friend, an important member of your family, we totally get that!!!! At Plenty of Paws we make it easier for dog owners find valuable resources.  Come spend some time with us and we think you’ll understand.


There are so many great dog friendly activities, places to stay and things to do right here in your own backyard guaranteeing tail wagging good times.

We love your dog and so do a lot of paces in your hood! From pet friendly patios, dog friendly hotels to stores that welcome your four-legged friend, we know both you and your dog will will fall in love with life in your fine community.  We know all the best places to take your pooch where to find the best treats, top doggy daycares, dog groomers and so much more.  Whether you live here or are just visiting we will show you the best of the best when it comes to dog friendly! After all  LOVE is a four-legged word!

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