15 Must Do Summer Activities With Your Dog!


15 Must Do Summer Activities With Your Dog!

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We LOVE summer and we know it can go by waaaaaaay too fast! Here are some great activities to do with your dog this summer!

  1. Go to the Lake  What  great way to keep cool on those hot summer days!

  2. Play in the park (with shade) WHAT?!?!?! BALL?!?!?! FRISBEE!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?  WEEEEEEEEEE

  3. Go camping– What a great way to get out and enjoy nature with your pooch, make sure you pack appropriately and plan ahead!

  4. Go to a Farmers Market– so much to sniff and who knows there may even be dog treat vendors there!

  5. Have a sprinkler party! Invite some furry friends over and get that sprinkler going it’s PARTY TIME!

  6. Eat Frozen Treats- While you enjoy your ice cream or popsicle make a fun frozen treat for your dog, try freezing on of his his treats into an ice cube! what a fun way to enjoy a treat!

  7. Hit up a dog friendly patio – You can enjoy a summery drink while your dog keeps cool under the umbrella!

  8. Take in an outdoor movie! -Bring a blanket and some treats and cuddle up with your furry friend!

  9. Build a sandcastle  Many dogs love to dig so who better to dig the foundation for your castle!

  10. Catch a sporting event– Hit up a local baseball game or outdoor volleyball….

  11. Pool Party– Many outdoor public pools allow dogs in before they drain them for the summer… what a fun way to cool off!

  12. Volunteer– Your dog brings so much joy to your life, why not share the love?!?

  13. Go for a hike– Getting in some exercise and nature is always good for the soul. Make sure you are well prepared and have all your gear and your dogs!

  14. Conduct a Photo-shoot– Why not show off your dog, taking selfies with your dog in fun places can make for some super cute Insta posts and Snapchats!

  15. Have a sleepover Friends going out of town? why not look after their dog for them especially if its one of your dog’s buddies!


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