15 Things Dogs Do To Show You Their Love!


15 Things Dogs Do To Show You Their Love!

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We’ve compiled a list of 15 things dogs do to show you their love!

We all know what we do to show our dogs just how much we love them….. head scratches,  new toys, treats, belly rubs, walks, strange nicknames (bum bum, monkey butt, stinker, we’ve heard them all) But have you ever wondered how your dog shows you affection? 

1.Lick and kiss your face-  Who doesn’t love a little slobber!

2.Hogging your bed- They want to sleep next you to you

3.Leaning against you- Wanting to be touching you

4.Calm Goodbyes- They trust you will come back

5.Bouncing and wanting to play- “You’re my best friend and I want to play with you”

6.Smiling at you- Say no more!

7.Yawning- This is a way a dog shows they are content

8.Follow you- “what are you doing?, where are we going? I’m coming!!”

9.Bringing their toys to you- “This one is my favourite so you can play with it!”

10.Sniffing your business- They know your scent!

11.Empathetic- They know when you are sad and will try to comfort you!

12.Look you in the eye- They pay attention to you

13.They roll onto their backs for belly rubs when you pet them- “Show me love!”

14.They lay on your feet- Just want to be touching you

15. Tries to get in the bath with you- wanting to know what you are doing, for water dogs they may also want to be in the water with you!


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