About Plenty of Paws

Just like you we are DOG people. We love dogs and we want to provide you and your furry friend the best of the best resources  that can be found right wherever you go! 

We sniff around towns and cities to make sure we provide you with information on all things dogs. Consider us your Pooch Patrol! We research and connect you with top local providers to bring you anything and everything your pooch could ever need. Like our slogan says “We Are Barkin’ In All The Right Places”


We do what we do because we know there are some great dog friendly cities that have amazing vets, supply stores, groomers, trainers and so much more! We love sniffing out new places and of course we love your dog!

Not only do we connect you with all the great resources communities have to offer but we also keep you up to date  with blogs on topics you’ve been asking about, ask the expert interviews and we let you know about all the cool dog friendly events happening in your backyard! 

The handsome fella in this picture is Mortimer, our Chief Barking Officer. He truly runs the show. Not only is he cute he’s a great judge of character. He takes the time to meet all of our Pawtners and gives us his feedback! 

When did this all begin? You can think of us like a new puppy. We are exited, energetic and ooooooooh soooooooo cute! Just like a new puppy we are so curious hence why we love to sniff out anything and everything your community dog scene has to offer! 

At Plenty of Paws we aim to please. If you have a topic you want to hear more about, places you want us to check out or if you just want us to see a picture of your four legged friend we’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, and we do save the best for last….. WE GIVE BACK! At Plenty of Paws we LOVE charity. Our tails wag like crazy when we can help others.. SOOOOOOOOOOO…… when you support one of our partners  you’re supporting charity. When an orgaization works with Plenty of Paws, a portion of our listing profits are donated to a local animal charity right here in Calgary! Now that’s something to bark at!