Ok so you’ve got a busy life and sometimes that gets in the way of taking your furry friend for a walk. Its not that you don’t want to make sure you’re dog is getting their exercise but sometimes that can be hard to cram into you day. That;s where having a dog walker is a great option. What better way to break up the day for your dog than a fun filled walk. We at Plenty of Paws are wagging our tails with excitement at all the great dog walkers we’ve come across in Calgary. If you’re dog likes to take a stroll with his or her pals you’re in the right city for that! There are plenty of dog walkers who walk multiple dogs at once. Just think you’re dog can have an entourage. Maybe you’re dog is more of a lone ranger, thats perfectly fine too, many of the dog walkers in Calgary offer one on one walks for dogs.

As we mentioned earlier Calgary has some really great dog walkers so you’ll have lots to choose from but the question is which one do you go with? Here are some things to keep in mind when decided who gets the privilege of walking your furry friend.

  • Check the ratings for the dog walker or dog walking company you are considering.
  • Make sure they are licensed and insured.
  • Where are they located and where will your dog be walked?
  • If will be driving with you dog find out about their vehicle and the driving record.
  • What are their fees?
  • How many dogs do they walk at once?
  • How do they manage their pack of dogs?
  • What does disciple look like if a dog acts up.

It is ok to interview various dog walkers and even meet the dogs they are going to be walking with your dog, its important that your dog fits in and will be getting exactly what you hope for.

Once you’ve chose a dog walker for your furry friend her make sure you outline:

  • Which days Bingo should be walked
  • What time frame to walk your pooch (allow a window of 2–3 hours)
  • How long he/she should be out
  • If he should be fed or given water

Any additional requests

Good walkers are attentive and ask questions. They’re happy to call or send a text if they have a question during a walk. (“It’s raining, and your pup is all wet. Do you have a towel I can use to dry him?”)

We at Plenty of Paws are happy to showcase some of the best dog walkers in Calgary. We know that choosing who walks your dog is a huge deal so we want to help you find that perfect match!