Your dogs health and wellbeing is of the upmost importance to you and your furry friend. That is why choosing a vet clinic or any health care provider for your dog is a very important decisions.

Calgary is very dog friendly city and has many top vet clinics and health care providers right here in Calgary. Plenty of Paws recognizes there are so many reasons dogs go to a vet clinic or health care provider and our goal is to provide you with the best of the best when it comes to your dogs health and wellness. We suggest you definitely do your research and ask a TON of questions when you are decided who you trust with your best friend!  You may want to look at a few vet clinics and specialists, tour facilities and even interview them before you make that decision. When it comes to your dogs health it is definitely better to be proactive verses reactive!

Plenty of Paws wants nothing more than a long and happy life for your dog. We are constantly meeting and interviewing Vet clinics in Calgary to make sure we showcase the top heath care providers and vet clinics for your dog.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right vet clinic:

  • Ask around- who are your friends vets? why do they like them?
  • Check out the ratings
  • Review education and qualifications
  • Interview the Vet Clinic
  • Take a tour of the facility
  • Ask about overnight care and hospitalization
  • Evaluate the staff who work there
  • Ask about their philosophies such as pain management
  • What are the prices?
  • Ask where the seeks out their information and who they refer to

These are just a few of many tips for selecting a health care provider or vet clinic for your dog. plenty of Paws is dedicated to ensuring dogs live happy and healthy lives so are the providers we work with.