Car Safety For Dogs!


Car Safety For Dogs!

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When your dog is in the car it is important to ensure he or she is also properly secured, comfortable and ready for your journey.

When you get into your vehicle the first thing you do.. (or should do) is buckle up. You make are all your passengers are buckled up, especially kids.

Why secure your dog? Unrestrained pets in the car can be very distracting for the driver and can lead to an accident. Yes we know how great it is to have your dog give you kisses but this can be distracting, along with dogs trying to get into the front seat, or barking or not sitting still.

We know you love your dog but its important for your safety and your dogs that you never let your dog sit on your lap while driving.
Also in the terrible event of an accident a dog who is not properly secured and be thrown through the windshield or even collide with other passengers in the event of an accident your dog much like yourself will be in distress and this can cause the dog to run away or even becomes aggressive to rescue workers.

So having said that what are some options for keeping your dog safe and secure in your vehicle?

Seat belt or harness. There are a lot of options for seat belts and harnesses. Harnesses typically include a loop or other options for threading seat belt straps. The seatbelt still clicks into place and your dog is safe.

Seat belts are very easy to use and come in many different styles and sizes. For the comfort of your dog look for wider straps and padded products.

For smaller dogs a dog booster seat may be a good option. This allows your dog to have a view but also remain secure. This is a similar concept to car seats for kids but designed with small dogs in mind.

Kennels and Crates. Having your pup secured in a crate is a very great way to ensure they are secure The crate should allow room for your dog to move around, sit, stand and lie down. Its important to make sure it is a well ventilated crate and its a great idea to throw in your dogs bedding and favourite stuffy or toy.
Not only do crates keep your dog secured they also protects your dogs from any potential flying objects int he event of an accident

Similarly kennels can prevent your dog from going out the windshield in the event of an accident. Kennels that are latched will also keep your pup form an escape in case of an accident. You can use soft padded or soft sided travel crates but make sure they are also secured. Kennels, crates should also be secured or tied down for extra protection.

Dog booster seat. For small dogs, the car seat / booster seat allows them to see out the window while providing some safety features. Look for a dog car seat that clicks into your car’s existing seat-belt, while also providing an additional harness for the dog. This is basically a modified seat-belt / safety harness for small dogs and has the same benefits.

The dog barrier. These are barriers that are installed between the front and back seats, or between the back seats and the cargo area of a vehicle. They help to prevent dogs from catapulting over into the front seat, but dogs can still escape out of the vehicle if the back door opens during an accident. It’s still preferable to use a crate or safety harness if possible.

Another option is a dog barrier. This will keep your dog in the back seat and prevent them rom directing the driver. It is important to note this does not secure the dog down in the event of an accident.

Also important to note you should never use your dogs leash or collar as the seat belt. This can cause your dog to choke should you have to slam on the breaks. 

Next time you get in your car make sure all your passengers are properly secured! Including your dog!


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