Does My Dog Need Sunscreen?


Does My Dog Need Sunscreen???

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What if we told you dogs can benefit from wearing sunscreen too?!?!

When the weather heats up and the sun is blazing down on us most people reach for sunscreen (or we hope they do) in order to protect themselves from the UV rays. What if we told you dogs can benefit from wearing sunscreen too?!?!

Hydration as well as keeping your dog cool through shade, swimming or other means of cooling off are the obviously ways to help them enjoy the summer months but adding sunscreen should also be a part of your dogs summer routine!

Many vets have stated that much like humans dogs can also experience  sunburns and suffer from red inflamed skin. Just like it is for us sunburns can be irritating and even painful for your pooch and they can even experience hair loss as a result!

So should you be putting Sunscreen on your dog? 100% YES!  This is very important for all dogs but its is especially crucial for dogs with light fur and skin! Its a scary thought but dogs with too much unprotected sun exposure can be at risk for various types of skin cancer.  When it comes to applying sunscreen think of applying it to your dog the same way you would yourself (peak sun hours 8-5) after swimming and reapply every few hours.

Now that you know your dog needs to wear sunscreen where do you even start when it comes to what type? We’ll start with what NOT to use:

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE  should you apply sunscreen with the following ingredients:

Zinc oxide

Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)

Both of these chemicals are extremely toxic and can be harmful for your dog.

To reiterate, the following ingredients in sunscreens are toxic to dogs:

Zinc oxide

Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)

Make sure you check those labels! We also want to stress NEVER EVER use tanning oils on your dog even if it has SPF protection. We highly recommend that you don’t  try any type of sunscreen on your pet without first consulting with your vet…. 

So having said all that, what type of sunscreen can your dog wear?

The safest answer to this question is to apply sunscreen that is specifically designed to protect

your dog.  These come in many  different forms and we still recommend you consult with your vet.

If you can’t get your paws on this you can use human sunscreen but again remember to check those labels as dogs mat lick their skin and ingest the sunscreen. It is recommended that you use sunscreen designed for babies or small children and make sure to use SPF 15 or higher.

How Should Sunscreen Be Applied to Dogs?

When it comes to human sunscreen there are quite a few options for types to apply ( Sprays, lotions, sticks,  wipes , creams etc.) this  wide  array of selection is also available for dogs.  When it comes to choosing which type of sunscreen (again no oils) it  is really about knowing what will be most comfortable for your dog and how they will respond. You know your dogs reactions so choose the type for both yourself and your furry friend

When it comes to applying sunscreen be very careful around the face as we don’t want t get any in their eyes. It is also a good idea to test a small amount on the body first to make sure your dog doesn’t have a reaction.  Once you have applied the sunscreen stay close to your pooch to make rue they don;t lick the lotion or cream.

There are many different brands of sunscreen and sun protection available for dogs so  we encourage to review with your vet to make sure you are choosing the right brand for your dog. 

We know how it important is to keep our skin protected from the sun, now you know its important to keep your dog’s skin just as safe as you have your fun in the sun!


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