It’s time to CHOW DOWN!  Dogs like many humans can be very food motivated. Imagine allowing someone else choose what you eat and when you eat it, not an easy task. Plenty of Paws understands the importance of diet when ti comes to your dogs health and happiness and want sot provide you with the top dog food suppliers in the city.

With all of the types of food out there where do you even begin to decide what to feed your dog?  There are so many brands and diets and philosophies on what your dog should or should no eat, we want to help you make the most informed decision for your dog.

Here are a few key things to remember when choosing food for your dog:

What are the key ingredients?

Consider your dogs age

Consider your dogs breed

How active is your dog?

Does your dog have allergies?

What does your vet recommend?

It is important to do your homework when it comes to feeding your dog and remember you may with food throughout your dogs long and happy life.

We’ve been sniffing around Calgary and sampling some of the best food for dogs in and we’re confident your dog will be rolling over with excitement when you bring home dinner!