Happy International Guide Dog Day! 10 Facts About Guide Dogs!


Happy International Guide Dog Day! 10 Facts About Guide Dogs.

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Happy International Guide Dog Day! Check out these 10 interesting facts about Guide Dogs!


1. Guide Dogs are intelligent enough to know when to disobey a command if it poses risk to its owner

2. The Guide Dog has Overhead Awareness to help identify obstacles for their owner

3. Labs are the most popular Guide Dog followed by Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.

4.Guide Dogs are allowed almost anywhere

5.Guide Dogs behave different on and off their harness.

6.Not all of the puppies in the program will graduate to become Guide Dogs.

7. Guide Dogs Retire

8. Labradoodles are becoming increasingly popular as Guide Dogs for people with allergies.

9. It is important not to pet Guide Dogs when they are working

10. It takes about 18 -24 months to train a guide dog from birth.


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