How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer


How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer!

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How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Summer is a GREAT time year! Its a time for hiking, camping and many other fun outdoor activities for you and your dog! Much lie humans dogs need to take necessary precautions when they are out there taking in all the fun in the sun!

When that temperature starts to climb so should your thought process on how you can best protect your pal in the heat. Heat can be hard on dogs even for just a few minutes.  We’ve been sniffing around to find some great tips to keep your dog cool in the summer.

NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR! This may seem obvious but every year many dogs are harmed or worse by pet owners leaving their dog in the car “for just a few minutes” The internal temperature of your vehicle case rise by 20 degrees in 30 minutes!!!! imagine its’ 26 degrees outside in a matter of 30 minutes that could mean 46 degrees for a pet in a vehicle. If you have places to go where your dog cant come leave them home or at a doggy day care.

Choose the proper time of day for exercise. Dogs still need their exercise in the summer but its important for the health, safety and enjoyment of both you and your dog that you exercise at a time that will be comfortable for you both. Consider early morning, or late in the evening/night, this will allow for less heat. Also remember to not exercise your pet to intensely during hot summer days and bring lots of water for you both!

Keep your house as cool as possible, if you have AC that’s great, this will really help your dog relax during the hot summer days. If you don’t have AC make sure you keep fans on, shades closed!

If you don’t have AC  get creative on how you keep your pooch cool.Consider a cooling pad or vest to keep the temperature down for your furry friend.  Another option is to set up a kiddie pool for your pal, or lay down a wet or ice cold towel. Sprinklers are also a great way to keep your pet cool!

If you are heading outside remember to check the temperature of the pavement. If the pavement is too hot to keep your hand on then its too hot for your dogs pads. make sure to stay on grassy areas or consider booties for your pet so they don’t burn those little pads!

Keep your dog well hydrated and make sure you know the signs of dehydration.  Depending on the dog they will have different needs when it comes to keeping hydrated. The darker the coat the more heat the dog will absorb. It is important to not that dogs that are overweight may also have a increased risk for becoming dehydrated. Make sure you always have water handy for your dog. Bonus if you have a cooling vest that carries the water for your dog!  Here are a few signs of dehydration:

Trouble breathing


Intense panting

Rapid heartbeat

Dark or red gums and tongue


Heavy drooling

If you see any signs, get your pet to the vet right away.

Closely monitor humidity, too. When the air is full of moisture, your dog may not be able to pant enough to cool himself off. That can raise his temperature, which can lead to heatstroke.

Keep cool with treats! Most dogs love ice cubes, give your pet lots of ice cubes as treats! If your dog isn’t crazy for ice cubes consider feeling one of their treats into an ice cube so they keep cool while getting to the good stuff! you can also freeze your pets chew toys to help keep them cool!

If you can let your dog dig! dogs dig for many reasons (hide food, boredom, frustration, birth and also to avoid the heat) If you have a yard and can let your dog dig a whole they may end up keeping cool in their shady fort. try to find  a place that will be shady and only allow the dog to dig there.

Keep up with your grooming. If you have a ing haired dog getting rid of tangles and mats will help keep the dog more comfortable. Regular brushing will eliminate any extra fur that he or she may not need. Although it may seem like  a good idea to shave your pet make sure you check with your vet first as the extra fur that eels him warm in the winter may also keep him cool in the summer. Dogs don’t sweat so knowing if that fur is helping or harming your dog in the summer is  important before you sent your dog off for a buzz cut!

Use your dog as an excuse to hit the beach! The more your dog can get in the water and swim the more she’ll cool off! Swimming is also great exercise for dogs!

Let your dog be your weather network! if it’s too hot for your dog to be outside they will tell you in their own way its too hot for them. Know your dogs cues and listen to them, they may not just being lazy they may be trying to tell you “Mom (or Dad) it’s just too hot out there for me”

Lastly, have fun with your dog! For those of you living in places where summer is short remember this is a can be a very fun and exciting time of year for you and your pet! Take the time to be summer ready then get outside and enjoy!


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