REPORT!! Dogs spotted chained to truck bed driving on Deerfoot


REPORT!! Dogs spotted chained to truck bed driving on Deerfoot

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This article was brought to us by our friends at the Calgary Sun.

 Thank you for reporting on this. It is important we all take action against such cruel and dangerous treatment of dogs. If you see anything like this report immediately!

A Calgary couple said they feared for the safety of three dogs they spotted chained to the flatbed of a truck driving along Deerfoot Trail on Wednesday.

Rick Cuzzetto and his wife were heading home from work, driving south on Deerfoot past the Calf Robe Bridge around 4 p.m., when they were passed by a truck pulling a livestock trailer.

“The first thing I saw was the pickup that had a flatbed and then towing a type of livestock trailer. He had three dogs sitting on the back of the flatbed with no gates on the side or no wall to keep them in,” said Cuzzetto, adding that the dogs were chained up.

“If he had to swerve or anything, they’d go flying off.”

Cuzzetto said he caught up to the truck, which he estimated was going about 115 km/h, and his wife was able to get pictures of the vehicle with her phone. That’s when they realized the dogs were chained onto the flatbed, but still thought it was “dangerous.”

“What got me was the smallest dog, the one closest to the right side where I was, was just pressed up against the back of the truck and he looked like he was quivering,” said Cuzzetto. “It was 30 degrees out, it’s not like he would have been cold. He looked scared.”

Cuzzetto said his wife called 911 and explained the situation, giving Calgary police the licence-plate number of the trailer.

Calgary police are investigating the incident along with the Calgary Humane Society. As of Thursday, no charges have been laid.

A similar incident happened in October 2017 along Stoney Trail, when images posted to social media showed a vehicle pulling a flatbed trailer with a dog that appeared to be tethered to the trailer with a leash.

Volodymyr Irodenko was later charged with causing damage or injury to animals while they are being driven or conveyed. He was ordered by a provincial court judge to pay a fine of $1,500.


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