Top 10 Benefits of Having Dogs In The Workplace!


Top 10 Benefits of Having Dogs In The Workplace!

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Here is a list of the top 10 Benefits to having a dog in the office!

Having a dog in the office is a dream come true for many dog lovers. If there are no allergies, the building allows it and your team is excited why not!?!?!?!

1.Reduces Stress-  What could possibly relieve stress better than a set of puppy eyes. Dogs can lift your mood almost instantly!

2.Encourages Being Active- When you have a dog in the office they will need to go out for bathroom breaks and hey why not a lunch time walk, This is a great way to keep the team active and get those steps in for both you and your furry office companion

3.Brings Humour- Dogs do the funniest things sometimes, like when they roll onto their backs and demand shelly rubs, or wait how about when they chase their tails? a little humour in the workplace is never a bad thing!

4,Increases Productivity- taking a break every few hours has been shown to help increase employee productivity. Taking the office dog for a walk or a quick play can help employees recharge for the rest of the day and thus productivity increases

5.Encourages Team Building-  Having a water cooler is a great way to get employees to chat, imagine if there was a team dog in the office!?! This can help those who would normally be reserved come out of their shells more and be part of the team!

6.Inspires Creativity- Dogs can lighten your mood, make you laugh and encourage positive thinking (which are all factors that increase creative vibes)

7.Pets Aren’t Left Home Alone-  Having a dog in the office means that dog won’t be home alone all day. In fact the dog will have office pals he or she will look forward to seeing and will get the breaks and exercise they need!

8.Great For Office Photos- It’s all well and fine to have those straight faced head shots but why not add some swagger to your office wall or web page by including your office dog’s picture into the mix!

9.Generates A LOT More Smiling- When a dog is looking up at you with a big smile on their face it’s almost impossible not to smile back!

10.Great Employee Benefit- Being able to have a dog at work or even bring your dog to work is a huge benefit for some. It may even be a deciding factor as to whether or not they choose your company over another.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when having a dog in the office

Make sure the building allows dogs

Make sure the dog can’t escape

Make sure no employees have allergies

Ensure the dog is trained

Make sure you have all the necessities (food, water, toys )

Have an emergency plan for the dog too (fire plan etc.)

Let your visitors and guests know you have a dog in the office



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