Top 20 Tips For Camping With Your Dog!


Top 20 Tips for Camping with you Dog!

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Camping is such a great activity and what could be more fun than camping with your furry friend?

Bringing your dog alone on your camping adventures is a great idea! Here are some tips for ensuring you and your pooch have an awesome and safe time!

  1. Make sure the campground is dog friendly
  2. Check the weather before you go
  3. Check to see if there have been wildlife sightings such as bears and moose in the area
  4. Pack your dogs supplies and keep a list
  5. Check with your vet about tick, flea and other medications that you should have your dog on
  6. Bring an extra long leash
  7. Bring your poop bags
  8. Ensure you pack dog specific bug repellent and sunscreen
  9. Pack extra blankets and towels
  10. Bring a water bottle for your dog
  11. Book a campsite that has shade
  12. Bring their favourite toys and chews
  13. Never leave your dog alone at the campsite
  14. Plan dog friendly activities such as hikes
  15. Keep your food tucked away where your dog (and bears can’t access it)
  16. Keep you dog active so they sleep better at night in a new environment
  17. Keep your dog a safe distance from campfires
  18. Don’t forget the treats! 
  19. Have fun!
  20. Take Pictures!


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