Weed & Your Dog- The Impacts of Marijuana on your Dog!


Weed & Your Dog- The Impacts of Marijuana on your Dog!

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Here are the most commonly asked questions about weed and your dog.

With marijuana being such a hot topic of debate these days, we thought we would bring some insight into how weed can impact your pet.  

Can dogs get high? yes in fact dogs can get high. This is a much more intense high than it is for humans and can be very stressful and dangerous for your dog.

What does it look like if my dog ingested pot?if it is just small amount we recommend you still contact your vet. In most cases this will require evaluation and mild care but in one cases and larger doses ingested it can have more serious complications. Here are some of the signs that your furry friend may have ingested marijuana:

Drunk like walking

wide pupils (dilated)

low heart rate

dripping urine

easily startled

falling over while standing still

If your dog is showing one or more of these signs and there is even a chance they have been exposed to and ingested weed this is likely the case. Dogs have different receptors than humans so the effects of ingesting weed can be much more intense, pronounced and sen more toxic and dangerous.

What if my dog consumes an edible? if your furry friend ingests an edible, especially ones made of chocolate this can be very dangerous for dogs as chocolate is toxic. The darker the chocolate the more dangerous it is for dogs. Other edibles containing THC infused butter or oil can also cause toxicity for dogs and can cause things such as pancreatitis.The risk is higher if a dog injects and edible as they  contain a more concentrated amount of THC than dried weed alone. It is important to remember that dogs have less control when it comes to how much they eat so if they enjoy the taste of your weed or edible they may continue to eat it and ingest a dangerous amount. Regardless of amount ingested we recommend you contact your vet immediately as large amounts can pose huge risks. Don’t worry your vet is there to help your dog not judge your habits… If your dog has ingested weed put your fear of judgement from the vet aside and focus on your dog’s health.

Can second hand smoke impact my dog? Much like humans if you are in small enclosed space breathing in smoke can be harmful. It can put your dog at risk for bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. If your dog already has a pre-existing condition related to their respiratory system being exposed to smoke put them at an even greater risk for further damage. If you are smoking in well ventilated areas there is much less likelihood your dog will have the same side effects however not worth the risk. If its important to always monitor your dogs behaviour if you or other have been smoking anywhere the dog. We shouldn’t have to say this but NEVER EVER blow smoke in your dogs face. This is not only dangerous it is outright cruelty.

How do Veterinarians treat dogs who’ve eaten pot?

Treatment for a dog who has ingested marijuana will depend on a variety of factors such as degree of symptoms, amount ingested, when it was consumed and size of dog. The sooner your get your dog into the vet after consuming the weed the better a vet may be able to decontaminate them and significantly reduce the side effects by getting it out of the dogs system.

For mild cases the treatment is more focused on supporting the needs of the dog for example if they can eat or drink on their own they may need IV fluids, if body temperate cant be regulated the dog may require heat support.

When a dog presents with more serious symptoms such as altered blood pressure or heat rate, medication may be necessary. It is also important to carefully watch the dogs vital signs. Oxygen and IV antibiotics may be needed if the dog develops aspiration pneumonia due to vomiting with an altered mental state.

8) What about medicinal marijuana for dogs? This is a very controversial topic that is best discussed with your vet. Most vets can not prescribe marijuana for legal reasons and most will  likely advise against it.

In summary, although consumption of marijuana is more mainstream for humans and is even a past time for some, this does not mean it should be the same for your dog. There are many side potential side effects dogs can experience as a result of consuming weed.  We don’t just those who use it but we ask that you remember your dog and how it can impact them.


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