What The Poo Is Telling You


What the Poo is telling You!

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This blog is dedicated to exploring that package in a bit more detail and learning exactly what that poo is telling you!!!!!

No pet owner decided to get a dog because they just love to pick up poop, yet every good pet owner knows its part of the package. 

As part of your daily and often multiple times daily routine you are consistently picking up your perfect dog’s only flaw their poop! This is usually done so as to avoid fines and upsetting your neighbours but what if you looked at it as more than that…. perhaps looking at your dog’s creation as a smelly clue/insight into what’s brewing with their overall health. Here’s what we mean….

Here a few key things to look for in your dogs poop and what it could mean:

It looks like a firm log

This is the Mecca of poo’s!!! Chocolate coloured poop that has a cookie dough texture is a sign that you’re WINNING in the digestive track and all is normal! A mild smell is a good thing too! if you’re gagging than that may be a sign of digestive issues.

It’s Poop-a-poolooza and the smell may just kill you

The amount of poop your dog produces is relative to how much indigestible content they have taken in. Dogs are mostly meat eaters so the more carbs and fillers they take in the bigger the poo and more savage the smell. This can be a result of poor nutritional content in your dogs food (foods that mainly consist of fillers and by products) This can also be an allergy. Messing with your fur baby’s tummy with poor nutrition can also lead to skin problems and allergies.  Before selecting or switching goods for your dog make sure you consult with a vet as sudden changes can be hard on the dogs tummy.

It’s SNOT normal- coated in mucus

Random fact : Dogs lower intestinal tract glands produce a clear, slime  thats helps to lubricate the colon and help push the poo more easily. Occasionally this jelly like substance can coat our dogs poo or accumulate at the end. From time ti time this is normal but if its slimy on a regular basis its time to get in touch with your vet. This can be a sign of food sues or GI issues such as colitis. Colitis causes inflammation of the lower Intestinal tract and can can cause gland to produce more of the jelly like slime.

Mud Butt AKA -Loose Or Liquid-Like

When dogs get diarrhea mostly of the time they ate something they probably aren’t supposed too (greasy food, scraps, garbage etc) The good news is is that the river of runs should stop quite quickly. Once the pet has passed the food through their GI tract things get back to normal.

Although most often caused by eating something out of their norm when a dog has diarrhea for more than a day or two this can mean something is wrong with your dogs GI tract which could be anything from allergies to a serious infection or parasite. If the Diarrhea doesn’t subside in a day or 2 its definitely time to call a vet.

Tiny Little Boulder Poos

Small pebble like stools or no stool at all are tell tale signs of satiation. This can happen if your dog is dehydrated and not getting enough liquid a=or can also be that he or she is eating too much insoluble finer (found in veggies). This problem can also be a result of fillers found in low grade dry dog foods.

Constipation can also be a rest or pain relievers and antihistamines. It an also be a result of osteoarthritis as pain in the hips and legs can make it harder for dogs to get into proper poop posture and they will hold it in longer to avoid pain or discomfort in the joints.

Another cause can be a hair clog. Dogs who ice themselves to relieve an itch or clean can get hair clogs which can lead to constipation, this is most common in long haired dogs.

The most serious type of constipation can be a sign that there is an indentation blockage which happens when dogs consume foreign objects, socks, toys, rocks etc. If you dog doesn’t do there daily brown for more than a day or two its important to get them to a vet as it can be life threatening when left untreated.

50 shades of Poop- The Poo has a new hue

When it comes to your dogs poo brown is the ultimate colour. If you are seeing other colours there could be something wrong.

Black tarry poop can be a sign of upper GI bleeding or problems, green can be a bile or gallbladder problem which is common when your pooch is having a problem digesting certain fats . Blue green can indicate poisoning, yellowy orange can be a sign of liver issues, grey can be a pancreatic issue if you see any of these colours consult with your vet immediately.

Now that you’ve got the low down or “low brown” on your dog’s poop try making it a habit to keep an close eye on whats going on with your dogs business! In this case its ok to be talking sh!t behind their back!


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